San Francisco

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Highlights in San Francisco

Description: San Francisco and the other cities around the Bay form the second largest metropolis in California. San Francisco alone has over 800,00 residents. It was named after Francis of Assisi.

Because of its great location directly on the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay, and its sometimes very steep streets, the city has often provided the setting for movies and television productions. For tourists, the city offers many great highlights.

Our rating: San Francisco is one of our favorite cities in the US. You can reach a lot on foot, because many of the highlights are close together.  It's just fun to stroll through this relatively chilled city. In our opinion, every USA visitor should stand at the Golden Gate once.


Accommodation Tip: Needless to say, there are countless options for lodging in such a huge city. During our September 2019 visit, we really liked the Cow Hollow Inn & Suites on Lombard Street. Our more detailed review can be found on our Hotel page.

Our visits: So far 6 visits in August 1992, August 1994, April 1997, June 1998, September 1999 and September 2019.

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