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Touring the USA Individually

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Hello and welcome to our USA travel site.

We are enthusiastic USA travelers and want to share our travel experiences with other fans of this great country. Come join us as we explore amazing and unique places in our favorite travel destination. The locations we visited so far are divided into regions and states and may help some of you with your own travel planning.

And now we wish all of you a lot of fun while browsing, reading and reminiscing.

Current: Due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic it is still not possible for German citizens to enter the USA!!!
The current status can be found on the homepage of the German Foreign Office.
Unfortunately, it is not yet clear when travel will be possible again...

Anyone traveling in the country during the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic should note that many parks, restaurants and attractions are closed or can only be visited with restrictions.
Please check the current conditions before visiting!!!

Our travel routes across the USA

How long do I need to visit a certain location, how many locations can I pack into one day?
For all these questions, our travel routes are intended to provide guidance.

This online travel guide is based solely on our experiences from 22 trips to the USA. We do not claim completeness, accuracy and general validity. We can only reflect our subjective opinion. We have described all experiences to the best of our knowledge and belief as we felt and found them. Depending on weather conditions, own fitness, etc. circumstances on site can change quickly or be different for everyone.

The New !!! button on all pages refer to our current vacation in the fall of 2019 which essentially took us to California and Nevada.

To make our subjective ratings a little clearer, we have sorted all locations according to the following rating system:

Must see
Definitely worth seeing
Worth seeing
Quite nice, but not worth a detour
No need to go there again

Route 66 - Mother Road

Here are the destinations we have visited so far on the legendary road between Chicago and Los Angeles.

More interesting facts

From the land of unlimited opportunities

Know before you go

From immigration to making phone calls, here is a collection of general essentials that may be important when vacationing in the USA.


Here you will discover not only tips on the various places to stay, but also hotels outside the norm that we particularly liked during our stays.

Rental cars

Here you will find tips on booking a rental car and our experiences with booking portals and rental companies. We also introduce the rental cars that we have driven so far.

Eat and Drink

In addition to our "guilty pleasure", the Hard Rock Café, there are also lots of tips on our favorite restaurant chains and specials from the American cuisine.


Most areas in the USA are accessible to everyone. However, there are some locations that are subject to access restrictions. Here are tips on how to get the desired permits.


Here is an overview of all National Parks, National Monuments and State Parks we visited

Favorite pics

After each USA vacation, the many images let us relive the trip. Here are our favorite pics.