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Joshua Tree Nationalpark, Jumbo Rock, Kalifornien
Nelsons, Tankstelle, Utah, Cottonwood Canyon Road

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Hi and welcome to the USA part of our website.

From our first trip together in 1994, we were fascinated and inspired by this great country. The United States are huge and there are almost endless interesting destinations to discover. Over the years we have visited many and would like to share them here on our website with other fans and interested travelers.
To make it easier to navigate through the amount of information, we have structured the pages similar to an online travel guide. We would be very happy if our experiences can also contribute as an inspiration for your travel planning.

And now we hope you enjoy browsing, reading and reminiscing.
Join us and discover the USA...

Colorado: Georgetown
Arizona: Sedona

Our travel routes across the USA

What is the time frame for a particular location? How many activities fit into one day?
For all these questions, our travel routes are intended to provide guidance.

Prior to the journey

From travel planning info to immigration, here is a collection of general things that may be important when vacationing in the USA.


Tips on various places to stay and hotels outside the norm we particularly liked during our stays.

Rental cars

Tips on booking a rental car and our experiences with portals and rental companies. We also highlight the rental cars we drove so far.

Eat, Drink and Shop

In addition to our "guilty pleasure", the Hard Rock Café, we are reviewing our favorite restaurant chains and specials from the American kitchen.


Most areas in the USA are accessible to everyone. However, there are some locations that are subject to access restrictions. Here are tips on how to get the desired permits.


Overview of all National Parks, National Monuments and State Parks we visited so far.