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Even though we haven't traveled to Canada as often as we have to the USA, the huge country didn't inspire us any less. Just like in the USA part of the website, you won't find any classic travel reports, the pages are structured rather like an online travel guide. The places we visited are organized into the Canadian provinces and may help some of you with your own travel planning.

And now we hope you enjoy browsing, reading and reminiscing.
Join us and discover Canada...

Our travel routes across Canada

What is the time frame for a particular location? How many activities fit into one day?
For all these questions, our travel routes are intended to provide guidance.

Prior to the journey

From travel planning info to immigration, here is a collection of general things that may be important when vacationing in Canada.

All about the rental car

Tips on booking a rental car and our experiences with portals and rental companies.

Sleep and Dream

Here you will find general tips on the various accommodation options in Canada.

Eat and Drink

Here we are reviewing our favorite restaurant chains and specials from the Canadian kitchen.