About us

Who we are

Gerd - Enthusiastic IT specialist

I also love soccer, hiking and photography.

Ursula - Artist 

I also love nordic walking, hiking and everything creative.

How it all started

My (Ursula's) interest for North America was captured when I saw a photo of the Manhattan skyline at a friend's house. These skyscrapers, seemingly growing out of the water, immediately exerted a fascination for me. Fortunately, my parents were quickly convinced and so, starting in August 1992, we planned our first vacation to the USA. We went on a 3-week round trip through the Southwest, followed by three days in New York. After all, I wanted to see the skyscrapers.

Our journey together

After I was infected with the USA virus in 1992, in 1994 our first joint trip to my new favorite travel destination followed. Luckily, Gerd was also immediately enthusiastic. Since then, we have regularly spent our vacations in the United States. Although the Southwest is our favorite region, we also enjoy the variety that the other parts of this huge country offer. We always plan our trips individually. The diversity of nature, the great cities, the lovely, friendly people, the very easy and uncomplicated travel, all these are reasons for us to return to the United States again and again.

Since 1998, Canada has also been on our itinerary from time to time. Despite the fact we first only visited Canada because of the bad weather in the USA, we immediately liked the great nature of the Canadian Rockies. However, not only the western but also the eastern part of the country is definitely worth more than one trip.

A little statistics

Number of our joint USA-trips
Number of states visited together
Days together in the USA
Miles driven
Number of our joint Canada-trips
Number of provinces visited together
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About this website

Creating this website has been on our minds for a long time. On the one hand, we were able to document our own experiences and remember them over and over again, and on the other hand, we have already received so much great information from other travelers that our site may also be able to provide some inspiration. So I started in January 2019 to deal with web design and everything that belongs to a website. Gerd takes care of all the technical requirements and provides the raw material in the form of the many wonderful photos. I then do the rest of the creative process such as texts, image editing, selection, design and management of the site.

In early May 2019, the site went online for the first time. Since then I've learned a lot about creating a website and it's still a lot of fun to expand and improve it. Then in early 2020 Covid 19 hits and that gave me the time to finally get to work on translating the site into English. 

After traveling to Canada in the fall of 2021, we decided to expand our site with our experiences in Canada. So Individual through the USA will become Individual through North America in late fall 2021.

Our ratings

We have rated all the locations we have visited with stars. This rating is of course completely subjective and simply reflects our taste. 


Must See

very worth seeing

worth seeing

ok, but not worth a detour

not worth the trip

Some of my works

One of my passions is drawing. Among other things, I am a watercolor teacher and of course we paint the one or the other North America motif.