USA 2022 - The Southwest

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Date of the tour: Beginning to the end of April 2022
Start and end point: Denver
Flight: Nuremberg - Frankfurt - Denver (Lufthansa)
Car: Booked SPAR (Pickup Truck) with Hertz via ADAC - we got a Jeep Cherokee Limited 4x4
Duration of the tour: 21 days


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Tour details

Day Activity of the day Day remarks Overnight stay Miles
Day 1
From Nuremberg to Frankfurt
Two days before departure, our flight to Frankfurt was cancelled. We were booked on a flight three hours later, with only one hour connecting time in Frankfurt. Then it went as it had to, the flight was delayed and we missed our connecting flight to Denver. We were very lucky to get a flight via Houston to Denver for the next day. Not exactly what we wanted, but we are glad to be able to fly at all.
Hotel NH Frankfurt Niederrad ***
Day 2
We actually wanted to spend this day in Denver.... It went differently. Our rebooked flights via Houston to Denver went ok and without any problems. We were on time for sunset in Denver. Our suitcases had already arrived with the flight before us without us being informed. After a short search we had our suitcases and could finally fall into bed in the hotel.
Hampton Inn Denver Downtown ****
Day 3
Our booked pickup from Hertz became a Jeep Cherokee because no pickup was available. Ok for us. We had booked the pickup anyway only because of the cheaper price. Program: Denver - Silverthorne - Cisco - Moab. A nice first day with shopping, snow, ice and a not-so-ghostly Ghost Town.
Comfort Suites Moab near Arches National Park ****
Day 4
The hike to the MGB was somehow longer than I thought, but both the trail itself and the bridge at the end were quite nice. We had very poor visibility in Castle Valley.
Comfort Suites Moab near Arches National Park ****
Day 5
Today we had the first flat tire in the USA and we were lucky because a group of jeep drivers patched the hole and we could drive back to Moab to the repair shop with our tire.
Comfort Suites Moab near Arches National Park ****
Day 6
Half the day is wasted on changing the tire. Fortunately, the rangers still let us enter Arches NP, although our entry time on the permit has long passed.
Broken Spur Inn & Steakhouse ****
Day 7
First we want to hike, but then we discover the road that leads directly to the destination. It is partly very sandy, but with a little momentum good to drive. At the Moonscape Overlook we had somehow expected more.
Broken Spur Inn & Steakhouse ****
Day 8
The adventure today was to drive through the Fremont river. We had nice company and so it was only half bad. After the river crossing was about a mile of deep sand. Here our 4x4 was definitely useful.
Broken Spur Inn & Steakhouse ****
Day 9
Frighteningly little water in Lake Powell. In reality you don't see a lake anymore but only the Colorado and the sediment that it has distributed in the landscape over the years when there was still a lake around Hite.
Broken Spur Inn & Steakhouse ****
Day 10
Three nice little locations that fit well into a day of driving.
Clarion Suites St.George - Convention Center Area ****
Day 11
Shopping - St.George
Clarion Suites St.George - Convention Center Area ****
Day 12
Matt's Offroad Recovery - Grafton Ghost Town - Little Finland The road to Little Finland is a pure disaster. We have never been shaken like this before.
Clarion Suites St.George - Convention Center Area ****
Day 13
Today is also characterized by the extreme drought in the Southwest. At Hoover Dam you can hardly see the water in Lake Mead.
Clarion Suites St.George - Convention Center Area ****
Day 14
Snow Canyon SP The surprise of the vacation. We did not expect so much but were surprised by a diversified great canyon.
Clarion Suites St.George - Convention Center Area ****
Day 15
Hurricane Easter Car Show - Pentagon Arch
Clarion Suites St.George - Convention Center Area ****
Day 16
Zion NP - Observation Point (East Mesa Trail) Great alternative if you want to hike to Observation Point. Relatively easy trail.
Kanab Suites *****
Day 17
Cobra Arch - Kanab Super hike if you want to take on the drive and the 7.5mi hike. Our discovery of the vacation was our motel - Kanab Suites - we would stay here again and again.
Kanab Suites *****
Day 18
Johnson Canyon - Skutumpah Road - Lick Wash - Willis Creek - Cottonwood Canyon Road - Grosvenor Arch - Stone Circle Great day because the roads were in great condition.
Kanab Suites *****
Day 19
Great Chamber at Cutler Point - Inchworm Arch - Paria Townsite - Lake Powell Super sandy approaches. We are glad that we have booked a tour, even if that always puts holes in the vacation cash. Towing is still more expensive.
Best Western View of Lake Powell, Page ***
Day 20
Cottonwood Canyon Road - Lake Powell
Best Western View of Lake Powell, Page ***
Day 21
Monument Valley - Moab - Grand Junction Today we experience Monument Valley in the rain/sandstorm. Very interesting atmosphere. Afterwards there is a meeting with dear friends in Moab.
Home 2 Suites by Hilton Grand Junction Northwest ****
Day 22
Drive to Denver - Voodoo Doughnut Snowstorm at Vail Pass and we are glad to be back in Denver.
Double Tree by Hilton Denver International Airport ****
Day 23
RiNo District Very worthwhile stroll through one of Denver's new hip neighborhoods.